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     Fully custom Air Dome designs to fit your project brief! Our inflatable domes are suitable for all weather use (up to 55 mph) and are offered in either basic ‘off the shelf’ designs, or fully custom designs manufactured to fit your specific project. 


Types of Inflatable Domes

     We can design and manufacture all types and sizes of inflatable domes for temporary for applications such as event domes, sports air domes, etc. Every inflatable dome can be made in a huge range of colors and be fully branded to suit your corporate image.

     We can incorporate flooring, doors, windows and all other aspects to ensure your air dome is creatively designed, whilst offering a fully usable and practical design. Inflatable domes offer high visual impact and are a great alternative to traditional temporary structures.


Dome sizes

     Inflatable domes can be supplied in a wide range of sizes from small 8m diameter air domes, right up to large inflatable domes of 24m diameter.


     All our inflatable domes can be joined together with the doorways acting as joining mechanisms. This means that either the same size air domes or different size domes can be connected. Alternatively, air domes can joined to cubes if required. In fact, our unique modular system allows you to create a fully custom layout - you can add as many 7 inflatable domes together to create a multi area structure!

Inflatable Domes - at a glance

Dome data sheet.png



BE the competition with your custom branded DOME today!



See all the ways you can customize your DOME with our inflatable accessories!



We offer rental, purchasing and maintenance for your next structure!



Speak with our experienced sales department on how to get started!

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