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The Inflatable Scarab is a truly remarkable modular inflatable hall, available in

24m, 36m, or 48m long x 24m wide footprints

Ranging from our 24m inflatable scarab right up to our huge 24m x 48m inflatable scarabl (which offers nearly 1,200 sq meters of clear span usable floor space) these structures provide huge branding and advertising opportunities on the outside with slick, clean and elegant lines on the inside.


Our Scarabs are suitable for temporary event use or for semi permanent use as an inflatable hall, inflatable venue for corporate events, or an inflatable venue to host large fairs and festivals.

Furthermore, our range of Inflatable Scarabs are the only inflatable event halls to truly incorporate structural engineering. In practice, this means that our Scarabs are the only inflatable structures to meet EN, BS, DIN & TUV regulations.

The engineering and manufacture of inflatable scarabs includes air beam technology that creates stronger, high rated structures. This means that the entire range of inflatables can be used in almost all weather conditions and we can provide engineering reports to support this statement.

In fact, this range of inflatable halls have been used successfully in a variety of conditions in many different countries around the globe, providing high class, strong, temporary event structures.

Beautifully designed and quick to install, this range of inflatable scarabs are also a truly modular system - plus the well engineered design and high quality manufacturing means that the entire range of inflatables are the first choice inflatable event structures.

Inflatable Scarabs - at a glance

Scarab data sheet.png



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