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Our selection of inflatable rental structures varies widely in both size and shape.

We have massive structures like the Scarabs which can span across nearly 1200 sq meters providing a vast space ideal for corporate events, festivals, exhibitions and parties.  We have our range of cubes and domes going from the smaller 6m options to the large 20 and 24m.  These are great for anything from product launches, conferences, exhibitions and private parties. And lastly we have our indoor range which includes our inflatable walls, lunas and office pods. 

Our inflatable hire structures are state of the art, come in contemporary, unique designs and they can be installed quickly and easily by a small team.  We deliver our inflatable air structures across the entire US and worldwide and provide a reliable service that you and your event can count on. For those looking for a unique touch, we also provide custom printed covers and Dacron stickers allowing you to have a branded structure.


Inflatable Buildings – Outdoor Rental

Inspire Inflatables offer a range of stimulating inflatable structure designs that have been created specifically for rental to the temporary events market.

Inflatable buildings and event structures are very portable, fast to install & dismantle, and easy to brand, making them ideally suited to the temporary events market.

With cutting edge designs, high quality materials and experienced installation teams, the natural choice is to rent an inflatable structure from Inspire Inflatables.

Our outdoor rental range includes a range of highly engineered domes, cubes, the other inflatable designs; these are all designed to work together to provide the perfect floor layout or space required.

We can offer the following:

  • inflatable domes from 8m to 24m diameter

  • Inflatable cubes from 6m to 20m

  • Inflatable Scarab range which provides up to 1000m2

  • Inflatable Air Hub which is true modular system

  • Event sub and finished flooring

  • LED Lighting systems

  • Door and entry systems


Inflatable Structures for Rent - Indoor Events

Inflatable Structures offer a range of creative exhibition spaces, designed to add a flare and stand out from the crowd, highlighting your company and brand.


Our rental range includes a truly flexible wall system, meaning you can create separation and breakout areas easily.


The Luna which is an open front inflatable shell shaped pod, this provides an excellent creative space, then we have the office pod, a simple quick clean office.

  • Inflatable wall system available in 2, 3, 4, 5 and up to 10m walls which connect together

  • Inflatable luna which measure 5 x 4m and is open fronted

  • Inflatable office pod which comes in varied sizes from 3 to 6m diameter

  • All extremely quick to set up, no permanent fixings and can be packed down and gone in minutes

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