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Whether your event takes place at night or during the day,

providing adequate lighting is always essential




Lights not only help improve visibility so that your guests can move about comfortably, but they also set the proper mood for an event. Inspire Inflatables can provide you with a variety of lighting options to match your event’s theme and decor. 

We can provide internal wall, LED lighting systems which will transform the look and feel of your inflatable structure. The ambient lighting effect can be either one color or mixed, to produce your perfect environment.

There are also many different options for lighting inside your structure such as free-standing pole lights or LED up lighting. These are easy and inexpensive ways to transform an event space. There are many color options available to match the color and theme of your event. These allow for easy color transitions to create several different looks and moods throughout the event.


Our range of inflatable structures have been designed to be used as free standing products, trussing is not required to use them, however trussing can be added to enhance the environment.  

Full internal trussing systems are available to compliment your event structure. These can be used to hang PA equipment or other lighting options. A variety of lighting can be mounted on the trussing to transform the event space. Lighting options range from LED Up Lighting, spot lights, gobos, par can lights and more.

Designed to match our structures, Inspire Inflatables offers a range of standard and custom trussing options for as much sound, vision and drapery as you require.

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