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Extra essentials for your event structure!

Formal doors are an impressive addition to any event space.



Doors & Closures

Our inflatable structures come complete with zip in/out doors as standard. But to enhance your event space we also offer full aluminum and glass double door systems. These provide fire safety openers and are fully lockable which provides increased security. The door systems are custom made to be installed perfectly into the doorways of all of our inflatables.

You can also customize these doors to fit the theme of your event. The glass can be clear or glazed and it can also be customized by adding your logo or design. We can also custom the look and size of the doors for a custom made structure.

Doors and closures are also ideal for helping regulate temperatures inside the structure during the cold and warm seasons.

Add these majestic doors to the entrance of an inflatable event structure and your guests will know they are in for a special treat even before they set foot inside of the space.

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